Ryan SALE – Front Lace Line

$151.98 $303.96

Front Lace Line with Lace Part | Relaxed and stylish, this wavy, asymmetrical pixie style is all about the angles and length. Ryan’s longer front embraces her creative tresses for a naturally tousled and sassy look that is gorgeous from every angle.

Color: R12/26CH


Soft Asymmetrical Pixie with Long Side Swept Wavy Bangs

Bang - 6-10"
Side - 2"
Crown - 10"
Nape - 2.25"
Weight - 2.40oz
Cap Construction - Front Lace Line with Lace Part

front lace line with lace part

1. 100% hand-tied lace part
2. Stretches throughout perimeter
3. 100% hand-tied front lace line
4. Open cap for comfort & better air circulation
5. Thin weft for lighter weight & better air circulation
6. Closed ear tabs

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Ryan – Front Lace Line
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