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Grace and Tara are giving you a closer look at Mellow in Smokehouse. They showcase this bestselling lace front style in each of the uniquely captivating Smokehouse colors: Chocolate Smoke, Icy Shadow, Lilac Haze, and Smoky Rose. Plus, they give you a chance to see some of the other gorgeous styles already available in Smokehouse. Which ones will you add to your must-have list?

Get ready to rethink gray with the powerfully versatile look of Graydient Storm. This distinctive new ombre color features deep, dark brown roots that flawlessly melt into light gray and silver tones towards the ends, creating a gradient look that is equal parts edgy and sophisticated. Any day. Any mood. It's Gray Your Way. Available now in Avalon, Jamison, Ocean and Orchid.

Introducing depth defying REDS: Copper Sunset, Golden Ginger and Mandarin Rooted. These shades are bursting with vibrant colors that are uniquely mixed and blended to create statement-worthy, must have red hair. Whether you want to own color confidence with Copper Sunset, get swept up in color bliss with Golden Ginger or evoke color envy with Mandarin Rooted, RED hair is yours to decide.


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