Coffee Collection very well might be one of our favorite color collections here at Estetica Designs. The creation of these colors took months and went through many different phases of development. It was a labor of love to get the color recipes just right and the application of the colors on the styles to flow in the exact way we envisioned. When Verona was first introduced, we knew her styling was the perfect canvas for each one of the Coffee Collection colors.

verona in coffee collection colors
Coffee's rich, warm hues and deliciously cool tones cascade through Verona's long, wavy layers showcasing all that the Coffee Collection was designed to be. If you haven’t tried our Coffee Collection yet, it's time for you to indulge with Verona.


Still need some convincing? Check out this video from Tara, our E-Commerce Manager here at Estetica Designs. She showcases each of the coffee colors on Verona and demonstrates exactly what we mean when we say, “You’ve never experienced coffee like this!”


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