Petite Charm – Pure Stretch Cap®

$191.00 $211.96

Pure Stretch Cap® | Petite Charm is a perfectly charming, smooth pageboy that is easy to wear and style for a look that's flawless.


Silky Chin Length Page with Full Bangs & Shaped Back 

Bang - 4.25"
Side - 6"
Crown - 6"
Nape - 2.25"
Weight - 2.75oz
Cap Construction - Pure Stretch Cap®

Pure Stretch Cap

1. Open cap for comfort & better air circulation
2. Stretches throughout perimeter
3. Thin weft for lighter weight & better air circulation
4. Open ear tabs

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Wendy B
Love petite charm

Petite charm is my first wig and quite frankly I have not found any that I like better so I continue to wear it. I have a small head and it's hard to find a wig that doesn't have either too little hair so it looks flat, or too much hair for me that fits. The length of it is. perfect. It is difficult to find a lot of petite wigs this length, not long but not real short It was not hot either last summer. I also love the color choices. Estetica shipped this right away also so I had no long wait receiving it.

Hi Wendy! Thank you so much for your feedback. We are so happy to hear Petite Charm is the perfect style for you. She is one of our favorite petite styles! Thank you for the continued support!

L. Beth Lowe
petite not petite enough

I give up on wigs. I bought a Estetica "real petite" from a wig shop. The wigs name is Nancy and fits me perfect without having to wear a wig grip. I thought ordering from you - Estetica would have the same sized - petite. Apparently I got an average, which for some reason wig marketers think we are lying when we ask for a petite. I've read well average fits "most" women and there is adjusters. well that does not cut it for someone that is smaller than average. you should send what is asked for especially when the cost is so high

Hi L. Beth Lowe! We appreciate your feedback and are sorry to hear you were disappointed with your purchase. We have 9 styles with Petite sized caps. They have a circumference of 21 inches, with ear to ear being 13 inches and front to back being 13.5 inches, which is smaller all-around than our other caps. If you would like, we'd be happy to send you a return label so that we can ensure that these measurements are correct on the piece you received. We will reach out to you directly as well. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience and hope to hear from you!

Donna Wells
Petite Charm Wig

This is my third Petite Charm wig. I get lots of complements on my “new hairdo”. Looks very natural (I wear it behind my ears).

Hi Donna! Thank you for your review of Petite Charm. We're so happy to hear that you get so many compliments on your hair with this charming style!