Hudson – Monofilament Top

$385.00 $427.96

Monofilament Top with Lace Front | Hudson is perfect for any occasion. She is a classic and feminine style with soft, subtle layers that create a simple and sleek look. Designed with a monofilament top and lace front, Hudson’s styling options are endless.


Medium Length Straight Style with Soft, Subtle Layers

Bang - 10"
Side - 11"
Crown - 18"
Nape - 8.5"
Weight - 4.94oz
Cap Construction - Monofilament Top with Lace Front

1. 100% hand-tied monofilament top
2. Stretches throughout perimeter
3. 100% hand-tied front lace line
4. Thin weft for lighter weight & better air circulation
5. Closed ear tabs

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