Petite Kate – Pure Stretch Cap®

$176.00 $195.96

Pure Stretch Cap® | Petite Kate is a classic boy cut featuring layers that build extra volume in all of the right places. Finish it off with a neatly tapered nape for a beautifully natural look.


Layered Boy Cut with Volumizing Waves & Tapered Nape

Bang - 3.5"
Side - 2.5"
Crown - 3.5"
Nape - 1.5"
Weight - 1.98oz
Cap Construction - Pure Stretch Cap®

Pure Stretch Cap

1. Open cap for comfort & better air circulation
2. Stretches throughout perimeter
3. Thin weft for lighter weight & better air circulation
4. Open ear tabs

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Customer Reviews

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Carolyn Byford
Petite Kate

Loved this. The color is very close to my natural color. Kate 38. Wish you offered more styles in this color. Have always purchased your brand. Only one I really like

Hi Carolyn! Thank you so much for the review of Petite Kate. We are so happy to hear you have found a color close to your natural color and that you are enjoying our products!